Brainfinger Access Software (V7.0.50)

For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10 (32 & 64 bit computers)
Access7050 Installer.msi
23 Meg


Brainfinger Access Quick Start Manual

This manual is designed for first time users. Provides information to help you get started with the hardware and software, as well as getting started with a 3rd Party app such as Grid 3 controlled via switch scanning.

Brainfingers Quick Start.pdf


Grid 3 Grid Bundle for Brainfinger Access
Brainfinger Direct Select (DS) On-Screen Grid 3 Access

This grid set is specifically designed to be used with Brainfinger Access software. The grid set consists of a reconfiguration of Grid 3 Fast Talker into a two column grid set. Each grid consists of two colums of from 3 to 7 rows. Within the Brainfinger Access software a cursor limit area is set that limits cursor movement within these row-column grid choices. Left/right cursor control is with glance relaxation/tensioin and up/down cursor control is with brain-body relaxation/tension. Selection is with quick tension pulse.

Brainfinger DS.gridset